Meet Angela and Kierstin and hear how they first found yoga and how their relationship with yoga has evolved

Kierstin shares her experience as a yoga teacher in early recovery navigating the normalization of diet culture in the yoga industry 

Kierstin and Angela welcome their 1st guest Mckenzie Harris RD, CEDS on to the pod.

In this episode Mckenzie shares both her professional expertise as an eating disorder dietitian supporting athletes in recovery and her personal experience as an athlete in recovery.  

She walks us through her journey of running her 1st marathon and doing so in a supportive recovered way because much like healing process of an eating disorder it isn't linear and it's not a sprint.

Kierstin and Angela welcome guest Lyss Ball. 
Lyss is also an active advocate in the intersex community and a self love coach, working to help others release shame in their bodies and own their unique expression!
In this episode Lyss shares her story of recovery, the role that yoga has played in her life, and the intersectionality of intersex and eating disorders.

Kierstin and Angela welcome guest Whitney Russell LPCS-S, CEDS to talk all things Ennegrams.

Whitney dives into the personality typing system Ennegrams, the 3 triads, and how each number can influence your relationship with food.

Kierstin and Angela welcome guest Raychel Yearsley LPC, RYT on the pod. 

Raychel is the 2nd therapist at AP Counseling + Yoga and this episode got to be a sneak peek into the practice dynamic. 

Raychel shares about the somatic therapeutic modalities of EMDR and how polyvagal theory is the science backdrop for yoga and most things nervous system.

Kierstin and Angela go unscripted as they discuss shame and trauma that can be perpetuated by the medical and wellness communities. How there is harmful and unhelpful narratives being utilized and the influence of the ego

** the word obesity is utilized in this episode in context to how the medical community utilizes the word **


 Angela and Kierstin dig into how you can choose and decide if that program is right for you, maybe what to expect, and at the end of the day stepping into your own agency and choice is at the heart of your therapeutic work.

 Angela and Kierstin discuss what yoga therapy is, ways to become a yoga therapist, and practicing inside your scope of practice. 

Explore this nuanced conversation  as they discuss the shades of grey that is embodiment, experiencing your body, and being present even when that feels uncomfortable and not safe. 

Hear from Angela Prior one of our hosts as she shares her evolution of a yoga practice and how her yoga practice helped her navigate birth trauma and find ease and embodiment in her body.

2 yogis' and a therapist

Evolution of a Yoga Practice: Recovery + Healing

Recovery + Marathons with
Mckenzie Harris RD, CEDS

Shame, Trauma, and Medicine

Recovery, Yoga, and Inclusivity
with Lyss Ball

with Whitney Russell LPC-S, CEDS

EMDR, Polyvagal, and Yoga
with Raychel Yearsley LPC, RYT

Trauma Informed Yoga

Yoga Therapy


Evolution of a Yoga Practice

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